Why is everything so messed up?

This is a question a friend put to the world today, not in quite the same words (she used the ‘F’ word :o) The person who I’m on about may read this and know it’s her I’ve taken it from as reference, so please don’t be offended hun – it just got me thinking…

The cause of her dismay was her pram had broken, money was tight and somebody had upset her. My response was, “But you still have a beautiful daughter, amazing boyfriend and wonderful family right? Things are gonna break. Prices are gonna go up. People are gonna be dicks. But those things don’t matter, they don’t upset you unless you let them. The daughter, the boyfriend, the family – they’re what really matter 🙂 and they won’t ever really hurt you. So let go of the little things and smile for the big brilliant things in your life ♥ xx”

The above really is my outlook on life summed up in a nutshell. I don’t care what people think unless they love and care about me, even then it won’t always be right – I won’t let it upset me. If I get upset the only person who has made me upset is myself. You cannot blame peoples actions, you have to take responsibility for your own reactions. This hasn’t always been my outlook, infact I’ve only adopted this view in the past year or two, but this time has been my happiest and that has to account for something surely?! By the way I’m not saying I’m perfect, I still get angry and I still cry – but then I get over it and laugh about it and smile more! If something is making you unhappy, be it your weight or your job for example, only you can change it. The people closest to me know all too well how annoyed I get when you moan on about the same old thing but do bugger all to change it =) It may not always be the easiest or quickest option, but if it makes you happy then it’s worth it.

Today in general I have been very happy. The day started beautifully with a lovely walk in the sunshine before work with my doggy Marshall. We walk this route often but sometimes it stops me in my tracks with how stunning it is:

winter sunshine

winter sunshine

Marshall makes me chuckle with his little habbits, he repeats the same things every single walk and I love that. Like the way he jumps up on a certain wall and scares me half to death by running along the edge…




I had a nice day at work and a wonderful phone call with one of my bestest girlies at lunchtime. After a walk home from work **whilst it was still light** I’ve watched ‘PS I Love You’ and spent most of the night blubbing. What can I say, it’s a good release sometimes =) That film sure makes you appreciate the special people in your life ❤

Sparkles & Kisses xx


A blissful evening involving a chicken pie and snuggles with my doggy <3…*

I was assisted by the wind when walking to work this morning. Fantastic when it’s helping my legs to push me up the hill, not so fantastic effect on my hair on arrival at work! After a steady day and lots of boffing up on some training, I was met from work by a very waggly-tailed doggy and my Mum 🙂 I have had a lovely relaxed evening, not worried 1 bit about the ironing that’s blatently waiting for me or anything else for that matter. I caught up with some of my girls on facebook chat, cooked one of my favourites – chicken pie, mashed spuds and veg and then got in the jammys to cuddle up with my Marshy. He’s such an angel (sometimes). Well the fella’s just walked in from work so that’s my cue to love ya and leave ya!

Sparkles & Kisses xx

Cor, what a gorgeous day :)

So I woke up this morning to sunshine with clear blue skies stretched over the horizon. How much better does that instantly make you feel? I looked forward to my ritual of morning walks with marshall the entire time I was getting ready. I headed to work in a fantastic mood which carried me through the day. 7.30pm and I’m still smiling. To top things off, my drive home wasn’t in complete darkness, more dusky and I love it. I am So looking forward to the summer, days like today just make it feel that little bit closer. I hope you all had a wonderful day!!

Sparkles & Kisses xx

What is that really annoying noise??

I’m none to impressed with the screeching alarm wailing through my house from somewhere in the distance. It has been going off for at least 15 minutes now and is driving me bonkers!!

So I hope you guys have all had a good day. Mine has been pretty indifferent. I hopped up out of bed (slightly exaggerated enthusiam there), showered & annoyed the fella by waking him up with my hair drier, walked my gorgeous little doggy and got myself to work. Work went WHOOOOSH so quick, I had one of those days where every single task took 10 times longer than usual. There may well be a very good reason for that, but that is a whole different story. One I am not going to publish on here. Nope, ‘fraid not.

You will be amazed to hear that last night I did actually do my ironing. Thats amazing to you and I both. It only took me three weeks to get round to, but I think epilation is the furthest I could go to avoid it. So now it’s just my room sat there waiting to be tidied. I wonder how far my motivation can be stretched =)

Sparkles & Kisses

ps/ I think the alarm has stopped. YAY!