Zumbaliscious Bounce Bounce Bounce!!!

Today I finished work at 1pm & the toddled home as quick as my lickle legs would carry me. A quick change, glass of water & grabbed my car keys, pitstop at the petrol station and I made it to the audio shop 2pm as arranged. The dude came over and took the interior of my car to pieces before wandering off to speak to some other guy. 25 minutes later he returns to one very confused looking me, only to tell me he forgot I was there?!?! How do you forget about me??? So he finally gets on with starting to fit my new cd player, only to stop again not even two minutes later and start talking to yet another guy. He done this three times in the one and a half hours it eventually took to do a simple 20 minute job. What a pain in the ass?? However one lovely thing happened as a result of this guys utter rudeness, my friend Twix aka Tiddles aka Tom came to see me and I haven’t seen him in like forever!

This evening however has been awesome… ZUMBA!!!! I am actually obsessed and in love with this wonderful thing. I can’t say I’m very good at it, I can’t actually say I’m good at it at all. What I can do with words I definately cannot do with my legs! My arms do not co-ordinate with any of my body, or maybe my body doesn’t co-ordinate with my arms? Either way it’s a bloody good laugh! I went with 2 of my girlies, which is good because honestly I wouldn’t leave the house once I’m settled on the sofa if I hadn’t made arrangements. I left feeling extremely hyper and bouncey, 2 hours later and I’m still full of beans =D Sooooo looking forward to next week.

Sparkles & Kisses xx