impromtu wardrobe clearancr

So once I start cleaning it appears I can’t stop. I come in from work and went to get changed. Ended up clearing out my wardrobe and choosing an outfit for tomorrow night 🙂 feel so much better when everythings organised and in the right place 🙂 little OCD? But for the rest of the night I’m chilling and having a nice lil gossip with my Mummy ❤ happy weekend everyone xx

Sparkles + Kisses xx


Let the sun shineeeee :)

Wow! Today is the first day of 2011 that the sunshine has woken me up before my alarm went off 😀 I love the feeling of waking up naturally. I always feel so much more rested regardless of how many hours sleep I’ve had. Baring in mind that it’s still freezing outside, we have a long way yet til Summer – but it’s a step in the right direction. That makes me very smiley 😀

Sparkles & Kisses xx

Black + Pink = Love<3

So I am officially counting down the days til Avril Lavigne’s new album, Goodbye Lullaby is released on 7th March. SO excited, love her! I’m looking foward to the lyrics because her last album really represented my life at the time. It’s scary to think that’s been 4 years, so much has changed since then. I also love Avril’s style and her attitude. Anyone fancy the Black Star tour with me? 🙂

If only I could fly as quickly as time!

I cannot actually fathom where the past two weeks have disappeared to!  This month has gone so quickly. Unfortunately I really have nothing interesting to report, jees when did I get so boring?! I’m almost resorting to talking about our drizzly, grey, miserable weather. Oh dear things really have got bad! So what can I do to turn this all around? Well I plan to see my girly Charlie on Wednesday but other than that I need to fill my diary!! HELP =) xx

Sparkles & Kisses xx

Arghhhhh!!!!!!! Whoever stole my brain please give it back, I need it :(

What the hell has happened to me tonight? I know I feel tired but seriously, this is ridiculous. First I forget to drive to my friends house on the way home. Then I measured out 75g of rice ready to boil, turned round and knocked it flying all over the entire kitchen. So I measured out 75g more, put it on boil and set the timer on the oven for when I needed to turn it on to cook the chicken. I turn it on to cook the chicken. A few minutes before I expect it to be ready, I hear this popping, crackling noise – run into the kitchen to see all the waters boiled out and my rice is about to explode! Great =) So I turn that off and it’s still edible, I sit back down for a minute until the alarm goes off to let me know the chicken is done. The alarm beeps, I go to turn off the oven and wonderful, I’d turned on the lower oven and bloody put the chicken in the top oven. So now I’ve started again with some new rice (plenty of water) and the correct oven turned on. I hope. Maybe I should go check? ARGH!!!! I think somebody should come round and give me a lovely relaxing massage as quite clearly I’m in desperate need of one.

Sparkles & Kisses xx

Zumbaliscious Bounce Bounce Bounce!!!

Today I finished work at 1pm & the toddled home as quick as my lickle legs would carry me. A quick change, glass of water & grabbed my car keys, pitstop at the petrol station and I made it to the audio shop 2pm as arranged. The dude came over and took the interior of my car to pieces before wandering off to speak to some other guy. 25 minutes later he returns to one very confused looking me, only to tell me he forgot I was there?!?! How do you forget about me??? So he finally gets on with starting to fit my new cd player, only to stop again not even two minutes later and start talking to yet another guy. He done this three times in the one and a half hours it eventually took to do a simple 20 minute job. What a pain in the ass?? However one lovely thing happened as a result of this guys utter rudeness, my friend Twix aka Tiddles aka Tom came to see me and I haven’t seen him in like forever!

This evening however has been awesome… ZUMBA!!!! I am actually obsessed and in love with this wonderful thing. I can’t say I’m very good at it, I can’t actually say I’m good at it at all. What I can do with words I definately cannot do with my legs! My arms do not co-ordinate with any of my body, or maybe my body doesn’t co-ordinate with my arms? Either way it’s a bloody good laugh! I went with 2 of my girlies, which is good because honestly I wouldn’t leave the house once I’m settled on the sofa if I hadn’t made arrangements. I left feeling extremely hyper and bouncey, 2 hours later and I’m still full of beans =D Sooooo looking forward to next week.

Sparkles & Kisses xx

Why is everything so messed up?

This is a question a friend put to the world today, not in quite the same words (she used the ‘F’ word :o) The person who I’m on about may read this and know it’s her I’ve taken it from as reference, so please don’t be offended hun – it just got me thinking…

The cause of her dismay was her pram had broken, money was tight and somebody had upset her. My response was, “But you still have a beautiful daughter, amazing boyfriend and wonderful family right? Things are gonna break. Prices are gonna go up. People are gonna be dicks. But those things don’t matter, they don’t upset you unless you let them. The daughter, the boyfriend, the family – they’re what really matter 🙂 and they won’t ever really hurt you. So let go of the little things and smile for the big brilliant things in your life ♥ xx”

The above really is my outlook on life summed up in a nutshell. I don’t care what people think unless they love and care about me, even then it won’t always be right – I won’t let it upset me. If I get upset the only person who has made me upset is myself. You cannot blame peoples actions, you have to take responsibility for your own reactions. This hasn’t always been my outlook, infact I’ve only adopted this view in the past year or two, but this time has been my happiest and that has to account for something surely?! By the way I’m not saying I’m perfect, I still get angry and I still cry – but then I get over it and laugh about it and smile more! If something is making you unhappy, be it your weight or your job for example, only you can change it. The people closest to me know all too well how annoyed I get when you moan on about the same old thing but do bugger all to change it =) It may not always be the easiest or quickest option, but if it makes you happy then it’s worth it.

Today in general I have been very happy. The day started beautifully with a lovely walk in the sunshine before work with my doggy Marshall. We walk this route often but sometimes it stops me in my tracks with how stunning it is:

winter sunshine

winter sunshine

Marshall makes me chuckle with his little habbits, he repeats the same things every single walk and I love that. Like the way he jumps up on a certain wall and scares me half to death by running along the edge…




I had a nice day at work and a wonderful phone call with one of my bestest girlies at lunchtime. After a walk home from work **whilst it was still light** I’ve watched ‘PS I Love You’ and spent most of the night blubbing. What can I say, it’s a good release sometimes =) That film sure makes you appreciate the special people in your life ❤

Sparkles & Kisses xx

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