It’s all about me =)

So in love =)

My gorgeous boyfriend & me...x


So this is me, Nixi. I’m the one with the long hair. That gorgeous fella next to me is my boyfriend of just over 3 years now. He is “The One”.

I’m 23, pretty short (I was wearing 4 inch heels in that pic^^). I am naturally brunette but usually blonde so don’t get used to it dark, I get bored easily! Life so far has been interesting, challenging and fun all rolled into one. I’ve loved almost every second and don’t feel the need to dwell on the bad times.

I tend to have about a thousand words whizzing round in my head at any given second. It’s cool, but also very tiring and confusing at times. So this blog is my way of pushing those words out of my head, through my fingers and onto this virtual page. Hopefully some of it makes sense.

Everyone should have a life filled with Sparkles & Kisses x


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