impromtu wardrobe clearancr

So once I start cleaning it appears I can’t stop. I come in from work and went to get changed. Ended up clearing out my wardrobe and choosing an outfit for tomorrow night 🙂 feel so much better when everythings organised and in the right place 🙂 little OCD? But for the rest of the night I’m chilling and having a nice lil gossip with my Mummy ❤ happy weekend everyone xx

Sparkles + Kisses xx


Let the sun shineeeee :)

Wow! Today is the first day of 2011 that the sunshine has woken me up before my alarm went off 😀 I love the feeling of waking up naturally. I always feel so much more rested regardless of how many hours sleep I’ve had. Baring in mind that it’s still freezing outside, we have a long way yet til Summer – but it’s a step in the right direction. That makes me very smiley 😀

Sparkles & Kisses xx