Arghhhhh!!!!!!! Whoever stole my brain please give it back, I need it :(

What the hell has happened to me tonight? I know I feel tired but seriously, this is ridiculous. First I forget to drive to my friends house on the way home. Then I measured out 75g of rice ready to boil, turned round and knocked it flying all over the entire kitchen. So I measured out 75g more, put it on boil and set the timer on the oven for when I needed to turn it on to cook the chicken. I turn it on to cook the chicken. A few minutes before I expect it to be ready, I hear this popping, crackling noise – run into the kitchen to see all the waters boiled out and my rice is about to explode! Great =) So I turn that off and it’s still edible, I sit back down for a minute until the alarm goes off to let me know the chicken is done. The alarm beeps, I go to turn off the oven and wonderful, I’d turned on the lower oven and bloody put the chicken in the top oven. So now I’ve started again with some new rice (plenty of water) and the correct oven turned on. I hope. Maybe I should go check? ARGH!!!! I think somebody should come round and give me a lovely relaxing massage as quite clearly I’m in desperate need of one.

Sparkles & Kisses xx


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