reward: find my weekend!!

Seriously, if somebody finds my weekend please give me a call so we can arrange the safe return. Where the hell has it disappeared to??

Scarily enough not only did my weekend do a runner, the whole of january seems to have escaped aswell. 1 more day and its all over. I don’t want to wish my life away but it does mean getting closer to hopefully a long, hot summer!! 🙂

Sparkles & Kisses xx


my boyfriend is a cross-dresser :o

There’s something you don’t find out everyday. Thankfully is was only my coat he came downstairs wearing with pride. How random. Although he wriggled out of it before I could get photographic evidence. Shame!!

So today has been uneventful, half day at work this morning followed by the joy of washing and then a quick trip to argos clearance warehouse. I managed to keep my pennies in my purse though as nothing much there (a good job really). I’m just watching the southampton – man u match, for no reason whatsoever as football doesn’t really interest me. Then it’s my turn to treat simon to dinner. Where to go??? Hmmmm choices choices 🙂 I rather fancy a melt in the middle chocolate pud. Yep I’d more than happily skip the main course n have 3 puddings. Maybe that’s why I’m so sweet *wink*

Sparkles & Kisses xx

bunnies, candy floss + fairy wishes :)

Well today was just what I needed after yesterday. Work was really lovely, had some friendly & interesting people in and the day just seemed to fly by. Its been freezing cold but clear and sunny, just the kind of winter weather that makes you feel better. Isn’t it funny when your content writing becomes a lot harder? So this evening I went to my best friends sister’s ann summers party. Lots of fun & giggles 🙂 can’t beat a good ann summers party. I was even healthy and walked the entire mile each way, go me!! I must admit I found it so peaceful walking home all wrapped up at 10pm, stars sparkling like diamonds and nobody around to spoil it. I do enjoy walking alone, I find it very theraputic. It’s a nice opportunity to argue things out in my head 🙂

So here I am now lazing on the sofa, my doggy stretched out across me like a wriggly hot water bottle.

Right now life is good <3x
Sparkles & Kisses xx

pigtails & pyjamas

pigtails & pyjamas

pigtails & pyjamas

Ahhhhh how good it feels to get out of my work kit and into my pjs at 6pm!! (How lazy???) But after a pretty hectic day, I think I deserve a bit of r&r! So the plan for tonight is simple:
Hot chocolate, laid on the sofa watching sex & the city movie 2 🙂 maybe do my nails if I fancy it. Bliss!

I was thinking today that I could do with a bit more patience maybe? But then I’m just not cut out to be the kind of person to pander to anyone. I think sometimes people need a cold, hard slap of reality. With some politeness to boot. I didn’t realise until today quite how much people huffing, puffing and tutting annoys me, but it REALLY does. Some may say I’m a little blunt, I prefer truthful – but never rude. I despise rudeness, unfortunately there seems to be a lot of it around in our society! Such a shame. But I’m not going to dwell on it, because I choose to have happy, friendly and polite people around me and I choose to smile 😀

Sparkles & Kisses xx

Good morning world *wave*

Today I am putting in my order to the universe. Tomorrow I want sunrise to occur before I wake up. I love that feeling when sunshine flooding through your window and birds singing gently wakes you up before your alarm goes off. It seems so long ago, this winter *touch wood* hasn’t been too harsh as yet but it still feels extremely lenghty. Unfortunately there’s some distance still to go before daylight resumes full service 😦 but please, even just for one day!!!!

I happen to realise the only way for the above to happen is for me to oversleep by approx. 2 hours and somehow – work would not be impressed with that. Anyone know how much longer I have to wait for sunrise to be around 6am-ish?? Would be nice to have an eta, or even better anyone want to pay for me to go on holiday somewhere hot and sunny?? I may be pushing my luck now…

Sparkles & Kisses xx

What is that really annoying noise??

I’m none to impressed with the screeching alarm wailing through my house from somewhere in the distance. It has been going off for at least 15 minutes now and is driving me bonkers!!

So I hope you guys have all had a good day. Mine has been pretty indifferent. I hopped up out of bed (slightly exaggerated enthusiam there), showered & annoyed the fella by waking him up with my hair drier, walked my gorgeous little doggy and got myself to work. Work went WHOOOOSH so quick, I had one of those days where every single task took 10 times longer than usual. There may well be a very good reason for that, but that is a whole different story. One I am not going to publish on here. Nope, ‘fraid not.

You will be amazed to hear that last night I did actually do my ironing. Thats amazing to you and I both. It only took me three weeks to get round to, but I think epilation is the furthest I could go to avoid it. So now it’s just my room sat there waiting to be tidied. I wonder how far my motivation can be stretched =)

Sparkles & Kisses

ps/ I think the alarm has stopped. YAY!

So I got a torture device for christmas…

I’ve always wanted an epilator but never really dared to try one. So this year (or actually last year now, as in 2010) my mum bought me 1 for christmas… Thanks!? It has actually taken until today for me to pluck up necessary courage to use it *wimp*… So I’ve read and re-read the instructions, turn on the epilator and then just stare at it getting closer and closer to my leg! Then I back away. After a few minutes of repeating the above process I gave in to temptation and just got on with it – bloody OUCH!!!!!!!!!!! For the first minute or so it was pretty damn painful, but then after a while I honestly did not mind it and the results are fantastic. I’ve opted for definate beauty must-have! Although only time will tell how long my legs stay silky smooth, any less than a week and maybe my razor shall be my best friend again…?

All things said, epilation is a rather odd way to avoid ironing which by the way, is still waiting to be done… I’m going right this minute (honestly)

Sparkles and kisses xx

torture device?

torture device?

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